tourist fishing and hunting grounds with cottages

RNET nº 5434

Located in the heart of Alentejo, this estate offers the perfect conditions to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of Alentejo's landscapes together with the comfort and convenience of its cottages.

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Cottages - 5434/RNET

'Cama da Lebre' and 'Ninho da Perdiz' are the two available cottages for accommodation in Homestead.
Each cottages offers one twin room, one double room, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with tv, air conditioning and heating.


Hunting Hall
Common area which serves as dining room, where breakfast is served, and living room, with TV, free wi-fi and board games.

In addition to the hunting hall, the Homestead has a magnificent swimming pool, a barbecue, gardens, a chapel, stables and kennels.


There are several activities that can be practised inside and near the Homestead:
. Enjoying the swimming pool
. Taking a tour, on foot or by bike
. Fishing in the 7 dams
. Photographic hunting
. Bird watching

Merino Sheep

The Herdade Val Poço Merino have two very specific characteristics: production of lambs with weight at 70 days of age above the average, fine and superfine wool (direct effects).

Sale of selected males.
Sale of selected and crossed females.

  For more information contact 96 60 32 116



Apartment (one double room) _ 80€
Apartment (two double rooms) _ 120€

  Breakfeast included
  For an over a week stay, the price will be adjusted


  Herdade Val Poço 7490-405 Pavia, Mora
  38°51'51"N 8°00'35"W